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Sometimes I read something online and I just have to comment. Normally I’m not actually commenting about the article directly, but more likely I’m commenting about the bat crazy comments other people are leaving in response to the article.

But even if the comments are bat crazy, I try to stick to good commenting standards;

Attack the subject, not the person. No matter how crazy the person, or their response seems to be, don’t make it personal. If you are going to comment, respond to what they are saying. If you degrade yourself to saying things like “You’re an idiot who doesn’t know what you’re talking about“, then you have already lost. Also if you start attacking people for their spelling or grammar, then you’ve already lost as well.

Make an argument. Comments like “You’re wrong“, “you have no idea what you’re talking about“, etc won’t win any battles. If you can’t explain why they’re wrong, maybe they aren’t.

No flame wars. If the argument is going around in circles, making no progress, but people are just getting more and more agro, time to call it quits. Some people just can’t be reasoned with, and some subjects are just too personal to some people. Calm rational debates are just going to turn into heated arguments. Time to get out.

Why have the blog if you are posting elsewhere?
I suppose the logical question is, “if you are going to post these comments elsewhere, why post them here?

Fair comment. The reason I post them here is mainly so I can generate my response in a more consistent environment. I use an app to make my WordPress posts. It allows me full screen editing, and to save drafts. Often I am posting when I have very short windows of time to do so. Making my response here is just easier for me. Plus some forums have terrible commenting features, and I can easily lose a comment, or worse, post a half written post. It’s easier to generate it here, and then cut and paste. While I could just generate it here and not post it, I’ve gone to the effort, I may as well post it.

why can’t I comment on your responses?
You can, just not here (once I get it set up correctly). These websites which are hosting stories and have open comment sections are wanting to make money. I have no intention in hijacking their revenue stream by carrying on discussions about their posts on my site. If you wish to follow the discussions, I hope that each post will link back to the original story. You can comment there.

If you come here, you can read the different responses I’ve written to different sites around he web, and maybe get an idea about how I think, but if you want to get into an discussion over a particular story, use the original sites’ forums.

Why the Devil’s Brother, are you evil?
An interesting question. The answer, according to the bible ( I believe )? The Devil, was a fallen angel, cast out of heaven by God. Now this being said, that means that the Devil’s brothers and sisters were also angels, and without any more points of reference, there is no way to determine if they were cast out, or are still up in the ranks. So yes, sometimes you may not agree with what I am saying, and sometimes you may. Saying I am good or evil may be a little of an over reaction to any comment though! Note the devil, cast out, etc. these aren’t my actual beliefs, but they aren’t important to this site, unless I’m actually debating an article about such things.

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